Do you want to make your bathroom feel upscale and up to date? Your sink may be just the place to start. When you’re upgrading your bathroom to achieve that spa-like feel you’ve always envied, you could start with a stylish sink and vanity and let it set the tone. These are the latest design trends in bathroom sinks.

Bathroom islands. If you have some room to spare in your bathroom, you might opt for a vanity that stands in the middle of the floor, like a kitchen island. These large vanities can fit a double sink or a spacious counter.

Nude colors. Soft, natural-looking pinks, tans and browns are on trend in bathrooms, and sinks are no exception. Consider a nude-colored porcelain sink or, for an upscale look, a vanity made of polished limestone or quartz.

Statement sinks. If you spend any time looking for bathroom ideas on Pinterest or Instagram, you’ll notice a vogue for bold swings in bathroom sink design. Whether it’s in an unusual color or finish or has a unique shape, your sink can provide the focus for your bathroom design.

Floating sinks. For some, the whole point of upgrading the bathroom is to add more storage space. But if you’re going for a sleek, minimalist look, consider a wall-mounted sink with concealed pipes and no vanity.

Natural materials. The glass tile backsplashes that were trendy in the past decade are on their way out, and even porcelain and ceramic sinks are becoming a little less popular. Stone sinks and vanities are increasingly in style. Another trend is for raw or distressed wooden cabinets, which provide a retro, farmhouse look.

Eclectic looks. Once you’ve picked out the perfect sink, you might design the bathroom around it, choosing flooring and fixtures of the same color and material — but keep in mind that you don’t have to. Mixed materials, contrasting colors and eclectic designs are all in vogue. Just because your bathroom doesn’t conform to a recognized style doesn’t mean it doesn’t work.

Renovating your bathroom begins with a stylish sink. Make sure you pick one that’s in touch with current trends to give your bathroom a fashionable, modern look.